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Look for the fresh water bundle kits from Valterra this Show/Booking season. Take the guesswork out of fresh water for your customers by offering their freshwater needs in one kit. Clean up this section of your store a little with great retail packaging that consolidates a number of products. Each kit includes:

2 x Hi-Flow 5/8″ x 25′ drinking water hoses

– More water volume to the RV

– 25′ Lengths easy to store

– Zero Leak guarantee

1 x Inline Water Filter

– Reduces chlorine, taste and odor

– KDF Material limits bacterial growth

– 6 Month filter

– 20 Micron Filtration

1 x Hi-Flow Water Regulator

– Increased water volume to the RV

– Regulates water pressure to 50-55 psi

– Protects against high water pressure