Why Choose Velarium Awnings?

At Velarium we prioritize product quality, supply consistency, and design innovation for awnings and awning accessories for the RV industry. Our awnings and awning accessories are designed specifically for the RV lifestyle with consciously designed components to meet customer demand and supersede the unique challenges of life on the road. Our central location in Elkhart and in-house team with decades of knowledge and experience ensures that Velarium is always ready to meet the evolving needs of the modern RV market.

  • Stylish, robust 12V awning features the largest pitch angle available in the market
  • Features patent pending pitch-locking latch unmatched by what competitors offer
  • Features a speed switch that opens and closes 30% – 50% faster
  • Velarium products are sourced globally and assembled locally in Elkhart, Indiana
  • Product backed by decades of industry specific expertise designed to elevate the RV experience for all
  • Velarium is part of the Airxcel family of brands with Airxcel’s renowned level of customer first service before, during and after every sale